Experienced LEADER, called to SERVE!
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“I’m Steve Hall and I thank you for electing me as your Sheriff of St. Mary's County.”

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Although it’s a simple statement, it reflects my passion to fulfill a calling to continue my career of public service to our community.

My career in law enforcement began with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office as a correctional officer in 1994.  Now in my 28th year in service to the citizens of our county, I have worked my way through your Sheriff’s Office and its ranks – serving, supervising and collaborating with every division. I have held a command level position for over a dozen years. 

I have not taken the decision to run for Sheriff lightly.  I realize the tremendous responsibility of this endeavor. At its core, my decision was motivated by a passion to lead. I will follow the example of the great people who mentored me, in concert with those whom I have had the honor to work with while serving the community I love. 

I am fortunate and believe I owe a debt of gratitude to our community who have always supported and encouraged me. As your Sheriff, I will use my term to give back to our community in a most meaningful way.

Throughout my career, a guiding principle has consistently proven true: positive, proactive, and effective policing requires collaborative, sustainable relationships between our community and the peace officers that serve you. 

As your Sheriff, I will support and strengthen those relationships with an expectation that your peace officers treat the community with respect and dignity, and that residents receive equal treatment and service, regardless of their zip code. 

At the forefront of my community engagement strategy rests the belief that relationships build partnerships and each encounter a Sheriff’s deputy or correctional officer has with a citizen is an opportunity to initiate a productive relationship. This approach will enhance your Sheriff’s Office’s ability to remain a responsive, professional organization that champions a service oriented, "community first" philosophy.

I recognize the value of public service organizations remaining transparent and accountable to the citizens we serve. 

As your Sheriff, I will ensure that these fundamental principles of trust are embraced by the professional members of your Sheriff’s Office.

To build upon the Sheriff’s Office’s history of hiring the best, I intend to use strategies to recruit deputies, correctional officers and professional staff who represent the diverse demographics of St. Mary’s County. They will be prepared to learn their communities, know their communities, and ready to serve and support their communities. 

I will also support continued training and education programs that are led by a cadre of well-rounded, experienced professionals responsible for shaping development opportunities for all of our personnel.

This combined approach will help to bolster the ability of your Sheriff's Office to remain responsive to the changing and complex needs of the various communities within St. Mary’s County.

As a person shaped by the people of St. Mary’s County and molded by her culture, I am driven to continue my public service to this beautiful place we work in and call home. I also remain committed to being a pragmatic, passionate leader that will strive in every way to continue to make sure St. Mary’s County is a safe place to live, work, and relax. 

As your next Sheriff, I stand prepared to accept the responsibility to faithfully execute the constitutional duties of the Office of the Sheriff as an
Experienced Leader, Called to Serve!

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